Join us on locations where cult BiH films were shot

Historically, Sarajevo has earned the title “City of Films”. Coming up to 23rd edition of Sarajevo Film Festival, we look back at the “Sarajevo Frame”, a project which helped restore the locations were some of the cult BiH movies were filmed.


Incidentally, members of UG POGON and a team of project-led experts conducted a several month long study of the history of BiH cinematography taking into account over 30 of Yugoslav and Bosnian-Herzegovinian productions which were produced in Sarajevo. Subsequently, about 30 frames were chosen of famous Sarajevo locations where some of the main scenes were shot from selected films: Baščaršija, Primary School Saborina, Kovači, Crni vrh, Vrelo Bosne, Džidžikovac, Grbavica, Bentbaša, City Hall, Sarajevo panorama as seen from Bijela tabija, Vratnik Gate, Bey Mosque, Tower Clock, Konak and others.


Today, we join Zlatko Novaković from US POGON who will take us through some of the locations where legendary Bosnian films Father Away on Business, Summer in the Golden Valley, Grbavica and Do You Remember Dolly Bell were filmed.


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