Locals Recommend: Best Burek in Town


There’s one thing you need to know: Burek is the “King” of all local pies. Burek, one of the most popular Bosnian cuisine specialties, is a meat pie. It is made with minced or finely chopped meat, onion, oil, salt and pepper, all mixed and wrapped in a thin pastry (jufka) which is traditionally rolled out by hand using a long wooden rolling pin (oklagija).


You cannot possibly leave Sarajevo without tasting the “King of pies”, so here are some local recommendations for best “Buregdžinica” places:


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “I tried burek in lots of different places in the city such as Bosna, Dervoz, Zvrk and Oklagija, and they are all very good. My favorite version is the one made from home produce and following old Bosnian expert’s recepies.


Gorana (33), Lawyer: “Best pies are served in a place called Umoljani on Mt. Bjelašnica. Everyone should try pies baked in “Sač” (special baking dish covered with live coal) because the taste is unbeatable and unforgettable.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “Most delicious burek is served in a place called Nagib because they use traditional methods.”


Goran (36), Economist: “Baked in sač and not too greasy is how I best enjoy my pies, so I often go to buregdžinica Žigo in Marijin Dvor”


Maja (36), Lawyer: “I only eat my mum’s burek because it is the best. The secrets are good pastry and minced meat, well seasoned filling and the right balance between the two parts. Yummy!”


Mirza (33), Informatics Engineer: “I always eat burek in buregdžinica Forino because it’s not too greasy, basically it’s just the way it should be.”


Naida (29), Ecomomist: “Žigo in Marijin Dvor is the real thing. Baked in sač, their burek is so tasty, crispy and non-greasy that however much you’ve ordered you’ll want more.”



As Sarajevans suggest, only one bite of burek is enough to remind you of all the pleasures of Sarajevo and help you to fully experience the city.