The British Telegraph Recommends Visiting Sarajevo, a City with a Friendly Vibe and Rich Cultural Offerings

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Due to the natural beauty, diverse cultural and tourist offerings, and direct Sarajevo – London flight, which was recently introduced, the renowned British newspaper The Telegraph recommends visiting Sarajevo to its readers in order to discover all its magic.


– Tourism is on the rise, so get there before the crowds. Recently, a direct flight was launched to Sarajevo, the first from the United Kingdom in the last ten years, so you can forget about traveling through different European airports, and the journey has been reduced to just over two hours – writes The Telegraph.


Despite a troubled past, when it dominated news headlines for all the wrong reasons, this British media outlet describes Sarajevo as a very beautiful, resilient city, with a friendly, easy-going vibe and rich cultural offerings, including an acclaimed long-running film festival.


The Telegraph also wrote about the picturesque Sarajevo valley, its history and buildings, and the cultural diversity, emphasizing how different ethnic and religious communities happily live here side by side. Upon arrival to Sarajevo, they recommend a walk to the Žuta Tabija (Yellow Fortress), a fortress that is a 15-minute-walk from Baščaršija, with a fascinating view of the city.


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Speaking of the horrors of the siege of Sarajevo, they recommend visiting the Tunnel of Hope, which was the only link from Sarajevo under siege with the rest of the world, and food and water was transferred hand to hand under the airport runway.


They also recommend visitors take a ride on the Trebević cable car, and check out the abandoned bobsled track, which is located several minutes away from the exit station of the cable car.


– Take a ride to the top of Mount Trebević. For the full experience, there are also cafes/restaurants on the mountain, which are an excellent platform for a phenomenal view of the city, while surrounded by a thick forest.


When you get back to the city, keep going. After visiting Tašlihan, as the British journalist recommends, you should drop by Gazi Husrev Bey’s Bezistan at Baščaršija, where you can buy handmade copper and silver items, Turkish delight and souvenirs.


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And what kind of article about Sarajevo would it be, if it failed to mention specialties of Bosnian cuisine? Of course, it is unavoidable, and the Telegraph journalist was particularly thrilled with klepe, bosanski lonac, and tufahije.


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