The third Giro Drag Race to take place in Sarajevo

Giro di Sarajevo by Kamer Kolar


The unique race of acceleration on bicycles organized by the association for the promotion of urban cycling Giro di Sarajevo will be held for the third time at Wilson’s Promenade next Sunday at 6 PM.


This event will be held at Wilson’s Promenade next to the Novotel hotel Bristol. Unlike the previous years, the format of the race includes minor changes, with the aim to provide the most exciting competition to its participants.


In order to participate in this race, it is necessary to register online through the website. The next step is to arrive at least half an hour before the start of the race and take the competition number. The first 16 couples will be drawn randomly, while the rest of the competition will take place according to the cup system. The first three places will receive medals and valuable sponsor prizes from the M-Bike Shop. Red Bull will provide extra energy for everyone, and Dukat Fit provided a protein refreshing beverage after the race.