Child-friendly places in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a city for everyone – including children! In the capital of B&H, youngsters can enjoy the numerous well-maintained public parks, playgrounds, theaters, cinemas, pools… The selection is wide, and we bring you several suggestions for places in Sarajevo where the youngsters will be happy!


Šuma Prijateljstva Park (“Forest of Friendship” Park)



Children will undoubtedly enjoy the charms of nature within the lovely “Park Šuma Prijateljstva”, which stretches out over an area of over six hectares, with walking trails and cycling trails, an amphitheater, fitness space, shadirvans, arbors, a restaurant, a conference hall, public fountains, a souvenir shop, a vantage point, a wooden bridge, an artificial lake, benches to rest on and much more. It is important to point out that there is a beautifully designed children’s playground within the park. The park is located at Grdonj and it is only 5 km from the city center.


Pozorište Mladih Sarajevo (Youth Theater Sarajevo)



Pozorište Mladih Sarajevo will give children a rest from the gaming industry and offer a theater experience that will educate children, youth and everyone desiring an adventure, play and relaxation! Here, youngsters will enjoy phenomenal plays, like „Crocodile in Love“, „The Princess and the Pea“, „The Adventures of Tom Sawyer“ and others.


Pionirska Dolina (Pioneer Valley)



Pionirska Dolina is a favorite weekend destination for families with children. It stretches out across 8.5 hectares, where, apart from a zoo, there is much more. Youngsters will love riding the little train, going on the trampoline, driving the electric cars, getting on the merry-go-round and autodrome and rubber city. When they get tired, they can seek rest in the parks with swings, seesaws and slides.


Here, you can see around 40 animal species from various parts of the world, including several species of llamas, wallabies, antelopes, zebras, a lion and lioness, a stag, a doe, a porcupine, a racoon, goats, chickens, pheasants, peacocks, a brown bear, a python, monkeys, oxen, swans, ducks, a turtle, a boa, a caiman, an iguana, a squirrel, alpacas, mares, a guanaco etc. It is open 365 days of the year, and the opening times depend on the season.


Safet Zajko Park



The center for education, sports and recreation “Safet Zajko” is the largest park in Sarajevo. It is located in the newer part of the city, in the suburb of Halilovići. The complex stretches out along the Miljacka River, on an area of 12 hectares, with around 600 trees. Within the park, there are football grounds, an athletic track, a 400-meter bicycle trail, sand volleyball grounds, basketball courts, change rooms, outdoor fitness equipment, tennis courts, table tennis courts, and an alpine training park with artificial climbing rocks. In the park, there is also a number of children’s playgrounds, walking trails and 50 benches.


Apart from sports grounds, natural beauty and children’s parks, visitors also have two cafes at their disposal, where they can freshen up. In addition, youngsters have a mini train at their disposal. In the central part, there is a fountain, a shadirvan and summer stage. “Safet Zajko” center attracts a large number of visitors with its surroundings and activities, especially families with children. It is open every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and most activities are free of charge.





A ride on the cable car to Trebević will be a real attraction for youngsters, and when you reach this Olympic mountain, you will be greeted with a wide selection of establishments that have made sure to provide activities for the youngsters. Children will enjoy the offer, including the adrenaline parks, the amusement park with an alpine roller coaster,  climbing rocks, playgrounds, and along with all that, there is a great advantage in the fact that they will be spending time in the magical nature of Olympic mountain Trebević.


Termalna Rivijera Ilidža (Thermal Riviera Ilidža)



A visit to Termalna Rivijera Ilidža will be very interesting for youngsters who love swimming. Within an area of 15 hectares, Termalna Rivijera Ilidža offers its visitors relaxation and an active break at indoor and outdoor pools with numerous attractive water and animation programs. There are pools made specifically for children, so that the youngest swimmers can enjoy themselves safely! Termalna Rivijera Ilidža and its indoor pools are open 365 days of the year, while the outdoor pools are open during the summer season.


Cinema City Multiplex Cinema



You can find a wide range of movies for children during the entire week at the Cinema City Multiplex in Sarajevo, where you can also organize children’s parties. On weekends, there are matinees showing movies for children, as well as the whole family, starting at 11.00 a.m.



Other activities



Children also have numerous playgrounds located in neighborhood parks across the entire city at their disposal, and there is also the unmissable Vilsonovo Šetalište (Wilson’s Promenade), where youngsters can rollerblade and cycle. It is important to also mention that there are playrooms for children within some restaurants, and you can also find them in all larger shopping centers; Sarajevo City Center, ALTA Shopping Center, BBI Center, WISA, Importanne…