Sarajevo Holiday Market

At Hastahana Park in Sarajevo, the 8th Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market is being held. This year’s market, as organized by the Foundation Sarajevo Navigator and ZUP Baščaršija, with the support of the City of Sarajevo, Center Municipality and the Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton, will offer a range of interesting activities for every generation. The fair part of the market has over 20 exhibitors – craftsmen and manufacturers of handicrafts, fan shops for Sarajevan sports clubs, food and beverage producers, and this year Festival Exit will also take part.


In the covered Coca-Cola Food Court, located between the fair part of the market and the skating rink, visitors will be able to refresh themselves with some hot and cold beverages, as well as tasty delicacies from the sales stalls of the market sponsors. The novelty is that the outer stage this year is integrated into the Coca-Cola Food Court, and there will be interesting programs held there each day. This year’s Sarajevo Holiday Market is certainly a place where the winter holiday season, during which Hanukkah, two Christmases and two New Years have been celebrated for hundreds of years in the capital of B&H, can be experienced in the real Sarajevan way.