Lara and Nermin: Wedding photographs of a young couple from Sarajevo

Wedding photographs of a young couple from Sarajevo will make you smile. A newly-wed couple, Lara and Nermin, wanted to capture their wedding day memories for life, so they thoroughly enjoyed being photographed by Alen Hadžiabdić at various locations in Sarajevo—the symbols of the city of Sarajevo.


– Since I work as a photographer too, I’m able to recognize and appreciate a good photo. That’s why we hired our friend Alen Hadžiabdić – we knew he would do a good job, because we’re familiar with his work. Sometimes, we’d even photograph together. Photos were taken without much thinking or preparation, we simply complemented each other. My husband and I just wanted to have photos next to the symbols of Sarajevo that will be recognizable and relevant in 50 years’ time. We also wanted our photos to be interesting in this sense as well as long-lasting. We believe that all couples should definitely invest in having their photos taken because they help us keep our memories from fading – Lara told us.


Not only does she enjoy Sarajevo’s wonderful landmarks, but she also loves adventure and travelling around the world.


–  I’m a travel aficionado, and I’ve been to nearly 30 countries. I often used to travel alone too. Sometimes, it’s difficult to align your plans and interests with others, particularly when your own interests go beyond typical tourist destinations and when you wish to explore more and travel to more distant places. The second reason is that I came to realize that when you travel solo, you’re much more open to getting to know other cultures and creating stronger bonds with the people you meet. Along the way, you learn about yourself and improve your skills. From day one, my husband was ready to plunge into crazy adventures with me, and just 20 days after we met, he joined me on one of my journeys. Now I enjoy discovering the advantages of traveling in a pair, so I travel alone much less frequently – says Lara.


Take a look at Lara and Nermin’s wedding day photo gallery: