Ski pass price list – Bjelašnica-Igman 2018/19

KJP ZOI ’84 has published Ski Center Bjelašnica-Igman’s ski pass price list for the 2018/2019 season


Different types of skiers find Mount Bjelašnica interesting – top-class, the less apt and beginner skiers. There are slopes for all types of skiers – for beginners there are slopes with button lifts and T-Bar lifts, and there are demanding, Olympic slopes that pose a challenge even to the professional skiers. A six-person chairlift with 65 chairs leaves from Babin do and takes you to Međustanica achieving a speed of 6 kilometers per hour. The ride lasts 5.5 minutes. A four-person chairlift with 21 chairs leaves from Međustanica and takes you to the top of Bjelašnica. It can transport between 500 and 600 skiers per hour.


A reduced rate on season tickets is available from 5th to 20th November this year. During this period, one adult season ticket costs BAM 420 and one adult season ticket costs BAM 220. Regular ticket prices are as follows:

Adults Children (up to the age of 15)
Individual pass BAM 8,00 BAM 6,00
Day ticket (from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm) BAM 35,00 BAM 25,00
Four-hour pass BAM 30,00 BAM 20,00
Two-day pass BAM 70,00 BAM 50,00
Three-day pass BAM 95,00 BAM 65,00
Four-day pass BAM 125,00 BAM 95,00
Five-day pass BAM 150,00 BAM 120,00
Seven-day pass BAM 200,00 BAM 150,00
Ten-day pass BAM 280,00 BAM 200,00
Five-day pass/of the season BAM 180,00 BAM 140,00
Ten-day pass /of the seasons BAM 335,00 BAM 250,00
100 points/check point

6-seat chairlift, 4-seat chairlift 5 points

2-seat chairlift 3 points, lifts 2 points


BAM 100,00


BAM 100,00

Season pass (with photo) BAM 700,00 BAM 350,00
Family pass (seasonal ticket with a discount per person)

2 adults + 1 or more children up to the age of 15)


BAM 540,00


BAM 280,00

Coupon for season pass (in case of loss) BAM 5,00 BAM 5,00
Night skiing from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm BAM 25,00 BAM 20,00
Baby lift day pass   BAM 10,00
Tubing 5 rides   BAM 5,00