Cuisine of My Country

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a diverse country through and through. Its very history indicates that it has always been a place of interest to great empires. The blending of the autochthonous with many other different cultures has created a land of contrast and has resulted in new influences in architectural design, art, science and culinary art.



B&H cuisine is Mediterranean, but it is influenced by Turkish, Greek and Central European culinary practices. People around here love to eat. Food is made almost exclusively with meat, and meat dishes dominate the menus of catering establishments.



The typical traditional savory dishes are: bosanski lonac, sarajevski sahan, hadžijski ćevap, sarma, dolma, begova čorba, topa, klepe, whereas the most popular desserts are: baklava, hurmašice, kadaif, ružice and tufahije. However, judging by how frequently they are consumed, the top two dishes of Bosnian cuisine are ćevapi and all kinds of pies both locals and foreigners find hard to resist.


Bosnian food is delicious and inexpensive, and dining establishments where tradition is cherished typically serve large portions of food. You get much more than you pay for.