Locals Recommend: Best Souvenirs to take with you

It is always nice to have a souvenir from every place we visit, something to remind us of the fun times away from home. Best souvenirs are the ones which reflect the tradition of each place so here are the recommendations from the locals:


Maja (36), Lawyer: “My favorite souvenir is a figure of the old man wearing a fez hat made of two round pieces of wood which can be bought in Baščaršija. I also like the leather key rings with imprinted symbol of Sarajevo which are sold in Veliki ćurčiluk.”


Naida (29), Economist: “Sarajevo Cube is a very unusual souvenir. It is a wooden cube which turns into three different monuments of Sarajevo.”


Jan (37), NVO: “Traditional coffee drinking set: “džezva” and “fildžan” sold in Baščaršija will always remind you of Sarajevo and the tiny streets where they are made.”


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “Sebilj shaped fridge magnet is the best souvenir you can take from Sarajevo and it is always kept in a visible spot.”


Goran (36), Economist: “Best souvenirs to take with you are local crafts which include some real masterpieces such as Ali Baba Slippers.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “In addition to traditional souvenirs, I would recommend small shops selling Bosnian-Herzegovinian design. Everyone can find something for their nearest and dearest whether it’s a T-shirt, a carrier bag, a handbag or a unique piece of jewelry.”


Gorana (33), Lawyer: “I think everyone should visit traditional local craftsmanship shops where a lot of interesting design can be found such as coffee grinders, trays, sugar bowls, ibrik, džezva, fildžan and other souvenirs which are considered symbols of Sarajevo.


When searching and shopping in small Baščaršija shops, look out for the sign “Sarajevo Original Quality” which guarantees quality and authenticity. Having said all that, the best souvenir we can take with us are lasting fond memories of our time in Sarajevo, but also the desire to return one day.