Sarajevo Photographers: Muhamed Osmanagić

Muhamed Osmanagić started exploring Sarajevo with his camera some three years ago. Photography helps him learn new things about himself, his city and the people around him. He aims to show the chemistry of Sarajevo with the people who inhabit it, permanently or temporarily. According to many, especially those who visit as tourists, this feeling is striking and unique and therefore very difficult to express through a photograph.


Muhamed compiles his photos into a project, probably lifelong one, titled Sarajevo Blues. This is the title of the now cult book by Semezedin Mehmedinović describing the war in Sarajevo, the difficulties and the beauty of life in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the war ended a long time ago, Sarajevo remains both difficult and beautiful which is a great challenge for those who want to show the fragments of everyday life in their photographs.


Muhamed’s photography style is not strictly determined; it is best described as street photography inspired by film, pop culture and literature. Combining all this with the beauty of the city and the lives of local people, it creates a unique style that can only be described as Sarajevo Blues.


Today we present photos of Sarajevo through his lens.



“Sarajevo Photographers” is a series of texts about professional or amateur photographers who are telling stories about Sarajevo through their photographs.