Locals Recommend: What to do at Weekends


Locals Recommend: What to do at Weekends


Sarajevo offers many possibilities to make the best out of your weekend, possibilities for going out and how to squeeze as much as possible in those two days off.


Sarajevans generally have their favorite weekend locations and ways to spend their free time so it doesn’t take a lot of planning, just good company and good mood.


We asked them where to spend the weekend and this is what they suggest:


Gorana (36), Layer: “During the day I like to go for a stroll in the city or have lunch at “Bašča kod Ene”. I also like to ride my bike or walk the dog in Vilsonovo šetalište. I always check out the weekend events in Jazzbina, Silver & Smoke, Opera, Kutcha, Mikser and so on. My recommendations for tourists would be to visit Svrzo’s House, Despića House, History Museum of BiH, White Fortress and Bey’s Mosque.”


Mirza (33), IT: “I like to spend quality time with my friends in local café bars and clubs. During the day, I like to get some fresh air so I often go hiking on one of Sarajevo Mountains or skiing and lunch on the hills above Sarajevo.”


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent:” I often visit a quality performance at Kamerni teatar 55. I also enjoy a relaxing diner in Tavola or local brandy in Barhana.”


Maja (36), Layer:” In the evenings I enjoy live music or a concert if there is one scheduled. During the day I like to escape the hubbub of the city straight into the mountains to recharge my batteries and get ready for a new week at work.”


Jasmina (52), Translator:” I like my weekends to be relaxing, so I often choose Ilidža and a famous ride on a “Fiacre”. I love strolling through Dariva and the Ambassadors Alley. During the winter, I often visit our Holiday Market. I love skating in Zetra and I always look forward to the new skating season.”


Alema (55), Journalist: “My favorite weekend outings are concerts and movie premieres. I remember all Sarajevo concerts for a long time afterwards, for their atmosphere as well as quality musicians.”


Naida (29), Economist:” I often visit the National Museum of BiH to check out any new exhibits, or to take friends who haven’t been before and introduce them to the content of the Museum. It is important to me to visit one of the local mountains or scenic places such as the Spring on the River Bosna because it’s the best way to unwind from it all.”


It seems Sarajevans are very imaginative when it comes to quality time at weekends. As well as nights out, many decide to visit the mountains, theatre, cinema, concert halls and nature parks.


With all these tips and ideas, surely many will find their new favorite weekend locations.