Locals Recommend: Best Scenic Views of the City

Almost the entire city of Sarajevo can be seen from many of the surrounding hills and numerous vantage points located practically within the city which is surrounded by Olympic Mountains and picnic spots.


If you want a perfect view which will take your breath away and forever remain in your memory, here are some tips from Sarajevans as to where you should go to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic scenery.


Jan (37), NGO: “My favorite view of the city is from the Yellow Bastion. I like to go there at sunset because this location offers a fantastic view towards the West.”


Walking from Baščaršija towards the “mahala” on the right, north side of Miljacka, it only takes about ten minutes to reach Kovači followed by Jekovac Cliff and the Yellow Bastion or Jekovac Bastion. If you continue walking up the hill, you will reach the White Fortress.


Mirza (33), IT: “The Yellow Bastion is an ideal place to rest your soul from all the stress and commitments. Snow cover and breathtaking views is all it takes.”


The road leading up the hill from Višegrad Gate will take you to plateau Zmajevac where you can enjoy the view with a cup of coffee. It takes about 15 minutes to reach this location so we recommend a car journey.


Gorana (36), Layer: “My favorite locations for the best and most fascinating views of Sarajevo are Jekovac, Zmajevac, road leading to Trebević and Transit Road. I particularly like the views at sunset and enjoy the last sun rays breaking over the snow covered rooftops of the city’s mahalas.”


Maja (36), Layer: “It’s not a bad idea to go to “Bašća kod Ene” and enjoy the scenic views of Sarajevo as well as all the specialties this restaurant has on offer.”


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “For me, the best views are from Trebević. I like to go to Trebević to get some fresh air and enjoy the best view of the historic and cultural heart of the city.”


Jasmina (52), Translator: I like to visit Trebević to escape the stress of the city and enjoy the scenic nature and breathtaking views.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “Vantage point on Trebević is my peace oasis and I try to go there as often as I can. I like to spend a lot of time looking over the city from above, and I always find new things to come back to. I am particularly looking forward to the reconstruction of the Trebević ropeway.”


The peaks of Trebević are about fifteen minutes drive from the city, by car or by taxi. Naturally, the car should be equipped for winter driving, or why not be brave and hike all the way to Trebević.


Due to the nature of the terrain, almost every one of the many hills surrounding the city is also a vantage point, where you can easily escape the hubbub of the city and enjoy the scenic nature and fascinating views.