Today we celebrate the Statehood day of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best place to celebrate the Statehood Day is our Capital.


The Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated on 25 November. On that date, 74 years ago, the Resolution of ZAVNOBiH (State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) was adopted at the first session of ZAVNOBiH in Mrkonjić Grad. After losing the statehood in 1463 when Bosnia fell under Ottoman rule, on this day BiH regained its statehood, historical borders were confirmed and it was defined as one of the six equal republics of the former Yugoslavia.




If you decided to visit Sarajevo this weekend, you will enjoy unforgettable moments at the events honoring the statehood day. The National Museum has organized the exhibition titled “This is my place” containing a great diversity of items, each with its own story to tell. The Museum will also present the new photo monography “Between the Two Empires” at the Bosnian Cultural Center, also the venue of the first BiH publishers Book Fair KUN.


The Fair will offer a rich and interesting programme including book promotions, a number of guest appearances and introductions of the authors, book readings, public debates and workshops.


A more relaxed version for book lovers will be held at Mixer House, where Segor Hadžagić will present the literary stand-up “Classics in Transition”, a collection of stage stories in the form of stand-up comedy with the author making fun of boring book promotions as well as the theatre itself.


As part of the “Italian Culture Season” in BiH, the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo is organizing a traditional “Weekend of Italian Film and Language”. The films will be screened at the Meeting Point Cinema, where, on 25 November you can watch the film “Pink Elephant” by BiH director Ado Hasanović (2017) and “Piuma” (Feather) directed by John Johnson (2016).