The Despića House


The house, located on the corner of the streets of Despić and Obala Kulina Bana, is one of the few preserved residential buildings of an Orthodox family dating from the Ottoman period. It is located within the cultural and historical centre of Baščaršija, in the area once known as Latinluk. The house was built over three different periods and it is an outstanding example of the development of architecture in this area. Namely, the structure is clearly a merger of the two existing, with expansions and adaptations. The first amateur theatre performances in Sarajevo were staged at Despića’s House. The repertoire included entertainment plays by Kosta Filipović and Jovan Sterija Popović. Although closed for public for nearly 30 years, the house was repaired and reopened on 30 November 2001, but not as a full museum-equipped space. Practically, all movables and items that make up its museum holding were preserved, so it can be expected that this additional structure of the Sarajevo City Museum can soon be expected to be not only opened but showcased in its full glory.