Ars Aevi




The general concept of the international cultural project ARS AEVI was presented for the first time in Sarajevo in July 1992, three months into the siege of the city.The project is a work of a group of Sarajevo intellectuals and artists led by Enver Hadžiomerspahić.The concept is based on the idea to attend to forming a collection for the future Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo. Contemporary artists seem to feel the injustice against Sarajevo better than others, and through this project they want to make their contribution in making the city open, free and beautiful again.


The first steps towards the formation of the collection were done in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary Art in Milan, and continued in exhibitions throughout Europe, where artists with great enthusiasm accepted the initiative to gift their works as a collection for their future Museum of Contemporary Art.So far, more than a hundred works of art have been collected by the most important European artists.


The building of the museum should be based on the strategy of modules.Namely, architects who have designed the most important museums in the world will be invited to design pavilions that would be a small architectural masterpiece located in the city district, linking the historic downtown from the Marijin Dvor to Novi Grad settlements.


The first step in the implementation of this project was the laying of the foundation stone and the opening of the pedestrian bridge projected by the Italian architect Renzzo Pianno.