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Kakva ti je žena, takav ti je život

November 28, 2019 @ 20:00

We are the generation that does not want a relationship … We scroll through the apps hoping to find the right person. We would like to announce our soulmate ”online”.

We read ” 5 Ways to Know She Likes You ” and ” 7 Ways To Win Them” thinking we can program a person to connect as a project on the Internet. Yet we are the ones who don’t want the connection. We want the facade of a relationship effortlessly, holding hands without looking into our eyes, procrastinating without serious conversation, a promise without real commitment. We want to celebrate the anniversary without those 365 days leading up to it. We play games without a winner and we are left alone. We want that love like a movie, but we do nothing. Do we love to be loved or do we love to be loved? How much does marriage change the relationship between two people and the relationship itself? What is required for a harmonious marriage? The answers to eternal questions about the relationship between man and woman, Dragan Marinkovic-Maca brings in an original and unique way. This is a play that will cheer you up, make you laugh, entertain you and will certainly not leave you indifferent.


November 28, 2019


KSC Skenderija