BBC World Service in Sarajevo to record The Arts Hour on Tour

The BBC World Service will be in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on October 11th to record the world-renowned radio programme, The Arts Hour on Tour. 


Host Nikki Bedi will be joined by Aida Begic, the award-winning director of Snow and Children of Sarajevo, Jovan Marjanovic from the Sarajevo Film Festival, who has been at the forefront of taking Balkan film to the world, the visual artist Smirna Kulenovic, putting the activism into art, and Bosnian humour from comedian Filip Andronik. They will be discussing what role the next generation of artists are playing in creating a new era for Sarajevo’s cultural world. There will also be incredible live music from the globally successful bands Dubioza Kolectiv and Helem Nejse.


The programme will air on BBC World Service on Saturday 26 October and will be available on the BBC World Service website after that at


The Arts Hour on Tour is a monthly arts show from the BBC World Service exploring contemporary culture in the world’s great cities. With live music, slam poetry, comedy performance, big name interviews and rich discussion, the series brings audiences up close to life as a local.


Date of recording: Friday 11th October  Tickets are FREE online at



Kulovića 8, 71000 Sarajevo 

+387 33 202 303
+387 33 442 572