Garden of Dreams Festival 2019

One city 🌿 Four locations 🌿 Six events
Garden of Dreams Festival is envisioned as a three day festival of audio – visual art. The main goal is to gather the best electronic music artists in the world in Sarajevo.



The festival will be held at three main locations: the Historical Museum of BiH, Dom Mladih and the plaza in front of the Hum radio transmitter tower.


The First Garden of Dreams Festival will see performances by: DJ Oxia (France), DJ Pional (Spain), Lorenzo Esposito Lehar, Musumeci, Olderic and Qubica (Italy), Alican and Murat Uncuoglu (Turkish duo), DJ Ruede Hagelstein (Germany), Yotam Avni (Israel)…. The After Affair duo, DJ Jasmina, G. Edd, Torres, DJ Kristijan Molnar…will be coming from BiH and the region.



Dates 🌻 Locations

Friday night, June 21st 🌿 Dom Mladih
Friday night, June 21st 🌿 Silver & Smoke
Saturday day, June 22nd 🌿 Hum Tower
Saturday night, June 22nd 🌿 Dom Mladih
Saturday night, June 22nd 🌿 Silver & Smoke
Sunday day, June 23rd 🌿 History Museum of B&H
The festival will also organize workshops and training sessions for young DJs and VJs, and there will be panel discussions with music experts, recognized artists and organizers of major music festivals.