Peek into the „Walter defends Sarajevo“ Museum

“Walter defends Sarajevo” Museum is a film museum dedicated to one of the symbols of Sarajevo.


The first film museum in this part of Europe will open its doors for its first visitors on April 6 – on the Day of the City of Sarajevo, and the public will be able to see the presentation and appearance of this unusual museum, which will be of great interest to people in B&H, the region and worldwide. The museum will be significant in terms of culture and tourism, with the goal of being financially sustainable and contributing to the development of public company Film Center Sarajevo, and preserving cultural heritage and further developing the tourism offer of Sarajevo and B&H.


The museum is the creative project of PC Film Center Sarajevo and is envisaged as an attractive film and scenography museum, with exhibits from the time when the film was made, as well as other elements (historiography and museum documentation, audio and video multimedia, souvenir shop), along with  mapping the locations where the film after which it was named was shot, related also to the historical figure of Walter.


A special attraction at the museum will be the characters of director Hajrudin Šibo Krvavac and the main characters from the film, which have been portrayed realistically in life-size and in costumes from the time when the film was made. As part of the project, a tour of Walter Defends Sarajevo with representatives of the tourism industry is plannedThis project was also supported by the Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton.





The museum will be open to visitors on Saturday 6.4. at 12:00, and the promotional entrance fee will be BAM 5.


The museum will be open on weekdays from 9 to 17 for a trial period, and then the opening times will be extended during summer.


Regular entrance fee: BAM 10


Once per week/Doors open day: BAM 5.


Address: Dženetića Čikma 12




Tel: 0038733 873 027