Bruce Dickinson, Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo

When hundreds of grenades were thrown at a city under siege on a daily basis, when the city was going through the hardest days of its history, in those unbelievable and horrible conditions, the lead singer of cult heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, was brave enough to come to Sarajevo and show Sarajevans that they were not alone.


Sarajevo did not forget the gesture of this great man, artist and proven friend of Sarajevo, and he has now received the “Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo” award.


“The arrival of Bruce Dickinson in 1994 was actually a moment when we knew that we would survive, that Sarajevo would survive and that Bosnia and Herzegovina would survive. I’m glad that we formalized this and gave this award, even though it is just a symbol of what the citizens of Sarajevo feel in their hearts”, said the mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, during the awards ceremony.



“It’s amazing that I’ve come here after 25 years and what my coming here has meant to the citizens of Sarajevo. I’m very glad that I’ve received this symbolic reward. I’d like to share it with the citizens of Sarajevo who survived the siege and who were here during the war. With people who are currently in this room. This is really a great honor”, said Dickinson.