The Flame of Peace paid a visit to the United Nations

A partnership agreement with EYOF 2019 was signed at the UN building today, as a result of the United Nations’ support of the joint project of the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo which aims to involve young volunteers from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The signing was attended by: UN Coordinator in BiH Sezin Sinanoglu, UNICEF Head Geeta Naryan, UNDP Head Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, UNESCO Head Siniša Šešum, Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, Mayor of East Sarajevo Nenad Vuković, and EYOF 2019 director Senahid Godinjak.


The Flame of Peace was brought to the UN building as a part of the message promoted by the United Nations and the project “Dialogue for the Future” for many years, which once again emphasized the importance of building peace through joint activities. As this is the first time in EYOF’s history that two cities have accepted the Flame of Peace, it is an indication that partly thanks to this festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina is ready to write a new history of harmony.


‘At the heart of EYOF is the concept of volunteering, because it is the key to peace and prosperity. This festival, just like the UN’s” Dialogue for the Future” project, promotes opportunities for young people, their mutual dialogue, and constructive dialogue with their government. We hope that EYOF will contribute to the transformation of young people of all countries for a peaceful future, and that this will encourage other cities to launch similar initiatives, and thus contribute to peace-building through joint progress,’ said Sezin Sinanoglu, UN coordinator in BiH.


Through their cooperation, EYOF 2019 and “Dialogue for the Future”, which is implemented by UNICEF, UNESCO, and UNDP in partnership with the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they promote peace and dialogue. Additionally, they focus on young people and give them a chance to build a better future. This is exactly why EYOF and DFF send positive messages to the world from out nation’s capital, as did the 1984 Olympic Games.



‘I am very very happy to be here today and that the UN recognized this project as a platform on which we can work together and through which we can create new and better times. I want the Flame of Peace to eternally burn in Sarajevo. I think this story, headed by the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, and also has the support of city councils and all citizens, is an opportunity to create better and more beautiful times. Sport overcomes all borders and I believe that we will carry this story on to the end with these positive values’, said the Mayor of Sarajevo, Mr Abdulah Skaka.


‘We have received confirmation that we have succeeded in one important task, which strengthens our vision to implement this project as a model of future endeavours in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a model of application, and without it the project would not succeed. The United Nations noted the values which simultaneously promote EYOF 2019 and the UN project Dialogue for the Future. We need to return to the scene of the organization of large winter sports competitions, and with the support of the UN, I am convinced we will succeed’, said Nenad Vuković, Mayor of East Sarajevo.


Volunteering at one of the biggest multisport events in Europe presents a unique opportunity for our country’s youth, who will play an important role in organizing the festival itself. The training program will result not only in the acquisition of skills, but also in a number of new acquaintances, and consequently many dialogues, which is also one of the goals of the UN project Dialogue for the Future.


‘The greatest significance of this cooperation is reflected in the fact that thanks to the UN, we have received a collection of volunteers from all over BiH. Therefore, we have the opportunity to spread the image of emotions and the Olympic spirit through this channel through the whole country. I hope these young people will spread these same values in their cities’, said Senahid Godinjak, EYOF 2019 director.


EYOF 2019, the largest youth multi-sport event in Europe, is the most important sports event for BiH since the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. In addition to the fantastic opportunity offered to young people in terms of gaining training and experience, this event represents a great opportunity for the promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tourism, particularly winter tourism, as well as for all the mountains that are located around Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.


The festival itself will take place from February 9th o 16th in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. The opening ceremony will be held at the stadium “Asim Ferhatović Hase” in Sarajevo.