Photographers who take photos of Sarajevo – Nedim Sabljica

Young photographer Nedim Sabljica is just 17, and he is already a lover of photography, performing miracles with his camera. He is a student of Prva gimnazija (First Gymnasium) in Sarajevo, and he has been doing photography for a little over a year.


His greatest inspiration is Sarajevo, and he wants to show the beauty of his birthplace to the world with his photographs.


– I thought that many people had not heard of Sarajevo, throughout the world, as well as the region, so I had the desire to show our city to the world. Everything that makes Sarajevo what it is, I find to be an inspiration – the mixture of architecture, tiny narrow streets and that recognizable soul that the city has.


“Photographers who take photos of Sarajevo” is the title of a series of articles on photographers who, professionally or as amateurs, write photo stories about Sarajevo.