Ice skating rink returned to Skenderija after 30 years

From Wednesday 20.02.2019, the ice skating rink at “Mirza Delibašić” Hall will be available to citizens at the below-mentioned times at very affordable prices.


Due to scheduled activities, i.e. the “Interio” fair, which will be held from 13-17.03.2019, and the preparations for this event, the Skenderija Center regrets to inform citizens that the ice skating rink will not be in use for some time.


They also inform citizens that they have successfully collaborated with the current KS Government and that the ice skating rink may soon be restored, which would mean that citizens and sports clubs would be able to use the ice skating rink for at least 10 months of the year.


Apart from that, news that will make everyone very happy is the fact that there are plans to set up an ice skating rink on the Skenderija Center plateau, where citizens would have the largest outdoor skating rink during the entire winter.


Skenderija Center invites all citizens to enjoy ice skating at the new mobile ice skating rink in the following days, which has been set up at the “Mirza Delibašić” Hall after over 30 years.