10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sarajevo During Holidays

Sarajevo has a lot to offer throughout the year, but in the winter seasons, the capital of B&H is a magical! Holiday street decorations, Sarajevo Holiday Market, Old Town Fairy Tale, numerous ice rinks, concerts… are just some of the things that await you in Sarajevo!


These are the reasons why you should visit Sarajevo during the upcoming New Year holiday season:


#1 … because of the rich New Year’s Eve program!



The B&H capital will welcome 2019 as the regional New Year’s Eve center. As early as December 30th, you will be able to dance on the streets of Sarajevo to the sounds of world classics performed by Muzik Art orchestra from 6 pm onwards. There will be magic in the air at New Year’s Eve with Hari Mata Hari’s concert, while Sarajevan band Bombaj štampa will perform its music hits on the first day of 2019.


#2 … you will enjoy the concerts!


For all the fans of legendary band Bijelo dugme, New Year’s Eve celebration will start two days before the New Year’s Eve when the band will give a concert in the wonderful Olympic Mt. Bjelašnica. Alen Islamović, Mladen Vojičić Tifa, and Goran Bregović Brega will perform the group’s numerous hits with an orchestra.


After that, you can warm up and get ready for another concert, because Zabranjeno pušenje will give a concert at Mirsa Delibašić Hall in Skenderija on December 29th 2018. Admission is free. The concert is scheduled to start at 9 pm, but Skenderija will be open to visitors from 7 pm.


​#3 … because the winter season in Sarajevo’s mountains has begun!



If you love winter landscapes and skiing, Sarajevo is just the right place for you! Sarajevo’s mountains are just half an hour drive away from the city center, and with a wide variety of new activities, an excellent service and affordable prices, Sarajevo has once again become a favorite winter holiday destination. Bjelašnica, Igman, Trebević or Jahorina—whichever mountain you choose, you will not regret it!


#4 … because Sarajevo has a relaxing rhythm to it and delicious food!


Every city has its unique rhythm—light and relaxing. Sarajevans tend to spend hours hanging around over a cup of coffee, and this habit quickly grows on Sarajevo’s visitors. Moreover, you will love the food.


Bosnian cuisine is widely known and Sarajevo has been recognized as a true gourmand paradise.  Traditional cuisine with its aromas, methods of preparation and special recipes attracts both tourists and locals. It is difficult to decide what the best dish is so we recommend you to try several dishes and taste the magic on your plate. The great news is that vegans too can find places serving delicious vegan food!


#5 … you will not spend a lot of money!


Sarajevo is at the very top of the list of European capitals in which visitors get the best value for their money. Most tourists believe that nearly everything is really affordable in Sarajevo so we can brag about a trend of affordable prices.


#6 … because Sarajevans will welcome you with open arms!


If people are what makes a city beautiful, then Sarajevo is definitely one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Sarajevo has always been and will always be a city of amiable and kind-hearted people who will welcome you with open arms. It has also always cherished a tradition of welcoming foreigners, travelers, passers-by and other visitors which dates back to ancient times. Whether you need a recommendation for a place to go for a night out or you are lost and are in need of directions, do not hesitate to turn to passers-by, waiters or salespeople and ask them to tell you what you need to know. In addition to receiving an answer, you will often hear an interesting story, so do not be surprised to come to Sarajevo as a tourist, and leave Sarajevo as a Sarajevan.


#7 … you will enjoy taking a cable car ride!


Foto: Trebevicka Zicara/Instagram


At any time of the year, you will definitely enjoy taking a Sarajevo cable car ride, but in wintertime the view of the city is more magical than ever! The pleasant ride to Mt. Trebević takes slightly more than seven minutes. Apart from enjoying beautiful natural mountainous landscapes, catering establishments offer a variety of fun things to do on the mountain, and visitors can also visit the bobsled track that had been built for the needs of the Winter Olympics and soak up the view from one of the viewpoints.


#8… you will see for yourself that Sarajevo is the European Jerusalem!



A city of the three great monotheistic religions—that is what B&H capital is: one of the few such cities throughout the word where you can hear the adhan, the call to prayer, and church bells at the same time. You will love the city’s diversity!


​#9 … you will become familiar with old crafts!


If you wish to have a genuine experience of Sarajevo and Baščaršija, you should not miss out on a walk along craftsmen’s alleys. Nowadays, just like five centuries ago, you can see coppersmiths in Kazandžiluk Street shaping and sculpting copper. Instead of making copper cooking utensils, they make items with an artistic and decorative value and sell them as souvenirs. As you walk along Baščaršija Square, you can see plenty of items reflecting a rich tradition of craftsmanship that has been preserved to this day.


#10 … because you have to visit the Sarajevo Holiday Market!



The most festive and largest event of the season in Sarajevo offers people of all age groups a wide range of interesting activities along with regular entertaining events—concerts, DJ performances and prize competitions. A trade fair which gathers over 20 traders—craftsmen and artisans who make handicraft, local food and beverage companies—will also be organized, and there will be an ice rink open to all generations.