We asked tourists what they think of Sarajevo

Increasing numbers of tourists from different parts of the world choose Sarajevo as their holiday destination. While walking around Sarajevo, we met a lot of tourists and spoke with some of them. Good food, wonderful nature, a rich history and friendly people is what foreigners appreciate the most in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital.


Jan, the Netherlands

– I’m from the Netherlands, and it’s my first time in Sarajevo. I don’t really know much about this city, but I like it very much. The people I met are quite friendly. The buildings we can see here are beautiful and exude a special charm because they’re so old, and no such buildings can be seen anywhere else in this part of Europe. If I had to recommend Sarajevo as a tourist destination to others, I’d tell everyone that they have to see this city and get to know its wonderful people. If we look back in time, we know that lots of bad things have happened here, but it’s good to see that people are still very friendly and that they smile.


Emily, United States of America

– I live in the US, and I’m staying in Sarajevo for a day. Before coming here, I visited Dubrovnik. I love the history of Sarajevo; it’s interesting that World War I began here; then, there’s the story of the Sarajevo assassination; all these stories make Sarajevo even more attractive to its visitors. Wonderful weather, various historical monuments and food are definitely the reasons why I’d recommend others to visit Sarajevo.


Tom, Norway

– I came to Sarajevo from Norway. I decided to stay here for seven days. If you ask me what it is that I like here, I say – everything! I love Sarajevo very much, and I’ve been here before. I’m a photographer and this is an ideal place to take great photos. I’d recommend other people living in Norway to visit Sarajevo because it’s rather different from Norway. In Norway, everything’s nice, clean, peaceful… it’s a place you can see in a postcard, and in addition, it’s very expensive. Here, everything’s cheap, restless, not so clean, buildings are old and they tell stories of the city’s history. There’s an old and a new part of the city, and Sarajevo’s amazing inhabitants also make a good impression of Sarajevo.


Caren, United States of America

– I came to Sarajevo from the US. As we toured the Balkans, we decided to spend two days in Sarajevo in an attempt to explore it. I love the mix of religions in this city and I’d recommend everyone to come here and try to experience it. I love the city’s rich history too, and I love the strength of people who have survived terrible things multiple times.


Elma, Turkey

– I came to Sarajevo on holiday with my boyfriend two days ago, and we’re staying here for a few more days because we love this place. My boyfriend and I like the city very much; people are so kind and happy. We love traditional Bosnian food, and we are thrilled about kebab and burek. Sarajevo is quite similar and close to the people from my country, the weather’s lovely and everything about our visit is really exciting. I’d recommend everyone to visit Sarajevo and feel its charm.


Irina, Russia

– I’m from Russia, this is my fourth day here and I’m having a wonderful time. I’m here for the first time, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll come here again. I like it here because it’s much warmer than in Russia – the weather and the people are warmer. Food, nature, and a rich history… these are all the reasons to visit this place again.