Stories of Sarajevo, Stories of People

A monograph of people called Stories of Sarajevo, Stories of People contains watercolor paintings of a Sarajevo-based Judge Zvonimir Dvorniković depicting the B&H capital at the beginning of the 20th century, the life of the people in its streets, the days that have remained in the past. Damir Dvorniković decided to collect valuable paintings of his late grandfather in a single publication, and he says:


“Just like you hold the city in the palm of your hand when you are overlooking it from Kovači or some other viewpoint, you see everything in these pages. You turn the pages of the city’s memory book, say memories from its teenager years and days. There are wedding guests along the key, a decorated stagecoach, swimming pools for men and women at Bentbaša, Emperor Franz Joseph’s arrival, jangije or fires at Baščaršija, people on their way to the Spring of Bosnia or people having fun sledding at Kontinental, or present day Lukavica.”