Sarajevo through the Eyes of a Photographer: Elvira Leka

Elvira Leka is a writing, art and photography enthusiast. Most frequently, she captures a microcosm and details focusing primarily on colors, the light and the game nature offers of its own accord at a given moment.



The Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina has singled out her photos so her photo entitled A Ball of Twine (Klupko) has been part of a series of exhibitions organized to mark Europe Day as one of the winning photos in a photo contest. On the other hand, her photo entitled The Guard (Čuvar), depicting the interaction between people and nature, won an award which was conferred to her by the FB&H Environmental Protection Fund; the photo was also on display at the National Museum of B&H.



A moment, a motif and a story is what Elvira counts on quite frequently when she is taking photos of Sarajevo, because, she believes, the better the equipment and photo editing tools, the less soul the photos have, and such photos cannot really say much.


If she had to choose, she would say that her favorite postcard of Sarajevo is the Great Lane (Velika aleja) in Ilidža, featuring a sycamore and chestnut tree lane, which was on display at the International University of Sarajevo.