Sarajevo City Sightseeing

City Sightseeing tourist buses are easy to spot in town because they are strikingly red. They tour around downtown Sarajevo just like public buses do, but they are reserved exclusively for city guests who take the ride to see the main landmarks with no restrictions.

How does the system work? When, as a tourist, you buy one of the available tickets, you can hop on the bus at any stop you want, get off the bus whenever you like, and then hop back on at the nearest stop. This is the ideal way to see the capital as it allows you absolute flexibility with no limitations on how much time you spend visiting the attractions of your choice. You can spend as much time sightseeing as you want and then head to the next location you want to explore. There are 21 stops on the Red Line, and there is the Panorama Tour which allows you to enjoy the museums, restaurants and the best views of Sarajevo.

The following tickets are available:

Standard 24 hour ticket – BAM 22

Standard 48 hour ticket – BAM 30

Panorama Combo – BAM 39

(Red Line plus Panorama Tour; valid for 48 hours)

Full Extra – BAM 49

(Red Line plus Panorama Tour; valid for 72 hours)

Red Line stops:

Hotel Hills, New Hotel, Radon Plaza, Hotel Sarajevo, Otoka, Zemaljski muzej, Sarajevo City Center, Skenderija, Narodno pozorište, Latinska ćuprija, Vijećnica, Sebilj, Katedrala, Centralna banka BiH, Spomenik ubijenoj djeci Sarajeva, Crkva sv. Josipa, Ambasada Sjedinjenih Američkih Država, Hotel Bristol Novotel, Hotel Sarajevo, Hotel Hecco and New Hotel

Panorama Tour stops:

Sebilj, Muzej Alije Izetbegovića, Bijela tabija, Vidikovac, Žuta tabija, and Hotel Saraj