Sarajevo Seen Through the Eyes of a Photographer: Haris Karamehmedović

Haris Karamehmedović, professional photographer from Sarajevo, has been in the focus of all major events in the B&H capital for years and by doing what he does he is giving people, emotions, moments and details a place in pictures that people will be happy to look at in the future too.



As he is used to living an active life, it is rare for people who know him to see him without a camera hanging at his side as he is carrying it slung over his shoulder like a branded bag. That way his photographic eye is always ready to respond at the right moment – just like it happened to respond recently when he was recording the dynamic atmosphere of bringing the Trebević Cable Car back to life.



Haris grew up in Bistrik, an old neighborhood in Sarajevo, so he feeds his soul with sights he finds both in popular secular and sacred religious spots in Baščaršija.


He works for various lifestyle magazines and cooperates with public authorities.