Sarajevo Seen Through the Eyes of a Photographer: Belma Čorbo

Belma Čorbo always took an interest in photography, but her attitude to it shifted and she began to take it on a higher level with the emergence of modern technologies which opened
various paths for her to follow in life.


From the very beginning, Sarajevo has been a recurring motif in her photos, since for her Sarajevo is an infinite source of inspiration, so she says, “I’m proud of its richness, its
stunning buildings and the distinctive scents spreading along the streets in Baščaršija. All these details are characteristic of my hometown, and I find them personal, my own. I wish to
capture all these wonderful details, put my hands around them and take them with me deep in my heart.”


Belma’s work has been recognized by Vogue and National Geographic. She is particularly happy about the fact that her photo called the Golden Valley, which she took on Mount
Bjelašnica, was presented at the Louvre, the famous museum in Paris, along with other photos taken by artists from 161 country that were selected for the occasion of the World Photo Day
and at the gala dinner organized for charity on that occasion.