Sarajevo Coppersmiths – Masters of an Old Craft

Walking down the streets of Baščaršija, you will get to a turning point, and Sebilj will arise on your left. Just a step away from this unique monument, in a small street on your right, the copper souvenirs and the sounds of coppersmith tools will call for your attention. Suddenly, you will realize you are in Kazandžiluk, in the street of coppersmiths, the masters of an old craft brought to B&H long ago by the Ottomans.


The first coppersmiths in Sarajevo were mentioned in 1489. As time passed by, they grew in number. Therefore, at the beginning of the 16th century they formed a guild (esnaf). Some families were in this business for more than 150 years. Moreover, as mentioned in historical documents dating from the beginning of the 18th century, this was the first guild whose members started to trade in copper, tin and coppersmith products. Formation of a specific workshop for arts and crafts during the Austro-Hungarian rule was an additional encouragement to development of this craft.



And while the production of handcrafts bloomed creating a centuries old tradition, all married couples wished to have a male child not only to inherit a family name or the property, but the craftwork as well. To keep the business in the family. Apart from the old masters, here you will also come across young craftsmen who inherited the craft, learned it from their fathers, and are very dedicated to the craft.


Kazandžiluk is a street shrouded in tradition. Coming here and feeling its creative history still alive and breathing is undoubtedly a well worth experience.