Spring Day Trips in Sarajevo



Spring in Sarajevo is nearly everybody’s favorite season. After all the gloomy weather conditions, the sun is finally shining. Even though it is still chilly, spring feelings start to become visible, because the city and the people’s desire to get busy are beginning to awaken slowly. They follow Visit Sarajevo’s suggestions where to spend quality free time in the nature surrounding the B&H capital and in its vicinity.



Vrelo Bosne (Spring of Bosnia)


The most wonderful part of Ilidža’s scenery is a magnificent nature monument – Vrelo Bosne whose central part spans an area of 603 hectares featuring a number of small crystal clear ponds dotting the green landscape and wooden bridges stretching across them where people can go for a walk, as well as big meadows, children’s parks and beautiful white swans. At the very plateau at the entrance to Velika aleja (the Big Alley) visitors are greeted by coachmen offering them an unforgettable ride in a horse-drawn carriage along Velika Aleja to Vrelo Bosne. 


Barice & Čavljak


Barice Resort is only 9 kilometers away from Sarajevo. Yet another four kilometers of asphalted road leads from Barice to Čavljak Resort with a mountain lodge. Apart from the beautiful view of Sarajevo, you can also go cycling or hike in the nature.



Attractive Bijambare


Forty kilometers north of Sarajevo lies a true gem – Bijambare natural landscape which is protected by law. It extends over an area of 370 ha, at an altitude averaging 950 meters above sea level, encompassing several beautiful meadows, sinkholes and underground streams of two creaks, and six caves. Visitors are able to go with a guide around Bijambare main cave via a 400-meter-long tourist trail adorned with cave ornaments.



Unique Villages Umoljani & Lukomir


In addition to the beautiful landscape, there are two interesting villages in Bjelašnica: at 1,275 masl there is a village called Umoljani, whilst at almost 1.500 masl there lies Lukomir, the highest and the most isolated village in the whole country. In Umoljani, you can enjoy looking around the authentic shepherds’ huts called katuni, while Lukomir is specific for its stone houses covered in shingles made from cherry wood.


Amusement Park Adrenaline


If you wish to be in the nature, but away from the city, ten minutes away from downtown Sarajevo, in the Trebević Mountain, turn up the adrenaline a few notches by visiting the main attraction of the Sunnyland Amusement Park – a 600-meter-long alpine roller coaster.



Valley for the Whole Family


In the city, though, a favorite weekend destination and an ideal place for the whole family is primarily the Sarajevo zoo – Pionirska dolina (the Pioneer Valley). Aside from the zoo, young children will revel in taking a ride in little trains, electric cars, merry-go-rounds, race tracks, jumping on a trampoline or playing in an inflatable bounce house, and when they grow tired, they can take a rest in playgrounds with swing sets, see-saws and slides.