Skakavac waterfall near Sarajevo

Skakavac Waterfall is located about 12 kilometers away from Sarajevo, near the village of Nahorevo, on the small river of Skakavac which is situated in close proximity of the source of the Vogošća river.

The rate of water flow is rather modest, but the height of the waterfall of impressive 98 metres turns the plunging water into the finest watery mist, creating out of this world setting, earning this waterfall the well-deserved title of the highest and the most beautiful waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the fifth highest in the Balkans.

The image of the waterfall during winter, when the ice captures it, creating an impression of incredible stillness, makes the trip to the site worthwhile even during short and often gloomy winter days.

In addition to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Skakavac trails are also enjoyed by mountain biking aficionados.