Sarajevo through the Eyes of a Photographer: Damir Bahtijarević

Damir Bahtijarević was born in Priština in 1996, and two years later he moved to Sarajevo with his family. He graduated from the Third Primary School and the Secondary School of Construction and Geodesy. Following his dreams, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture, where he is currently a second-year student.



He took a liking to photography five years ago. However, it was not just a job for Damir – in the meantime it became a lifestyle. His need to express himself as a photographer is so strong that he never travels without his equipment. That is why he jokingly says: “I can forget my passport, but not my camera.”


As a guide and a photographer in one of the largest student organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Studentski pohodi, he has the opportunity to travel quite often and see and capture the moments he finds interesting and thus create a rich collection of his own photographs.


Damir is also the coordinator of the Architecture Students’ Photo Club.