Sarajevo Photographers: Haris Zoranić

Haris Zoranić was born in 1992 in Novi Pazar. He currently lives and works in Sarajevo. Haris says he was always attracted to the world of small details and beauty which he wanted to share with the world.


Love of photography is just an extension of the desire to offer someone a different view of everyday life around us enriched with details and little things that go unnoticed or that we usually take for granted.


“I would like my photographs to touch people emotionally. Some will find details I have been attracted to since childhood, while others might see something completely different – which in itself is a message about the beauty of this art” says Haris.


You can follow Haris’ work on Instagram @haris_zoranic.

“Sarajevo Photographers” is a series of texts about professional or amateur photographers who are telling stories about Sarajevo through their photographs.