Locals Recommend: Best Farmers’ Markets in Town

Every city has a fresh local produce market, an enclosed or open space where everyone goes to shop for food. Since the old times, markets are places where people meet and trade as well as get to know producers and manufacturers; they are places where “life happens”.


You don’t go to the market in a hurry. You have to try things, learn about them and smell them. Every market is different so we asked Sarajevans which one they recommend.


Jan (37), NVO: “Open market Markale is where I traditionally buy fruit and veg. Sometimes I go to the Market Hall which has always attracted tourists because from the outside it looks more like a theatre than a place where you can buy meat and dairy products.”


Goran (36), Economist: “I mainly shop in Ciglane Market because it has a wide range of products: from home produce to textiles, plants and more. This market is also attractive for its very reasonable prices.”


Naida (29), Ecomomist: “I like to go to Markale Market. Maybe it’s not the best one, but I grew up in that part of the city and for me going there is like going to my local shop.”


Gorana (33), Layer: “Good quality and healthy food is one of my priorities, so I often buy groceries in the Health Food Shop in Hrasno neighborhood.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “Otoka Market is the cheapest and has everything you need. Some people go there to barter as you can get things a lot cheaper than in other places.”


Maja (36), Layer: “I don’t often shop in the market but when I do it’s always Markale Market because I like to get advice from sellers.”


You can find small manufacturers of home products from around Sarajevo in every market. We certainly recommend homemade cheeses and cured meat. Enjoy!