Locals Recommend: Best New Year’s Eve Party in Sarajevo

Festive atmosphere is all around the city and the streets are shiny and decorated in anticipation of the New Year. Where to go and what to do has been on everyone’s mind these last few days. Here are some ideas from Sarajevans themselves:


Jasmina (52), Translator: “I traditionally celebrate New Year out on the city square, and this year I am especially looking forward to Zdravko Ćolić and his hits.”


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “Spending New Year’s Eve out on the city streets and squares is becoming very popular, so this year I decided to join in. After the main event, I plan to visit some of the clubs in the city center.”


Goran (33), Economist: “Minimum expense and maximum enjoyment for us is always the party in the city square because New Year’s Eve should be a night to remember. There is a lot going on after the main event, something for everyone, I believe.”


Maja (36), Layer: “New Year’s Eve in the city square is becoming more appealing every year, especially because of all the guest stars that make a great atmosphere.”


Gorana (33), Layer: “Depends on the mood, I spend New Year’s Eve at home or on the streets, depending on where I happen to be. For me, good company is most important and the fun can start.”


Alema(51), Journalist: “I love listening to Zdravko Čolić and I am very much looking forward to the New Year’s Eve concert as well as celebrating with my friends and visitors from other BiH cities.”


Jan (37), NVO: “Club Cinemas Sloga is always loyal to the old recipe of good entertainment with resident DJs music, so I decided to go there. Before that, I might go to the main event on the city square.”


In addition to the great atmosphere in Sarajevo, main reasons for visiting are also famous local hospitality and “guaranteed” good time, local cuisine specialties, and of course good New Year’s Eve entertainment value for your money.


Welcome to Sarajevo!