Locals Recommend: Best Ćevapi in Sarajevo

You probably already know that everyone who comes to Sarajevo must try ćevapi, the most popular local dish made from grilled minced meat. Everyone has their own recipe, and what makes them even more irresistible is warm and delicious “Somun” bread with which they are served. You can order a portion of five, ten or fifteen ćevapi, and on the side, you can choose between onion, cream and yoghurt. Whichever version you tried, Sarajevo style, Banja Luka style, Travnik style or Šiš-ćevap, it is a taste which is not easily forgotten.


There are eternal discussions about which place has the best ćevapi, so we asked Sarajevans where would they choose to take their own guests for best portion of ćevapi. Here is what they said:


Zlatko (33), Real Estate Agent: “I like smaller ćevapi, so I usually eat them in Čevabdžinica “Petica”. My standard order is 5 ćevapi and cream.”


Jasmina (52), Translator: “I think the quality of the meet is most important. My favorite place is Ćevabdžinica “Petica” because they have a high percentage of meet and a good mixture (beef, lamb, veal). Onion on the side is a must for me.”


Mirza (33), IT: “When choosing best ćevapi, my priority is that the meat is tasty. Most of the time I go to Ćevabdžinica “Mrkva”.


Goran (33), Economist: “My favorite ćevapi places are “Petica” and “Zmaj” because they don’t have many additives, they taste great and they don’t give me indigestion.”


Alema (51), Journalist: “I always eat ćevapi in Ćevabdžinica “Petica” because they taste the same ever since my childhood days and I still enjoy them.”


Jan (36), NGO: “I always take my guests to Ćevabdžinica “Željo”. Ćevapi taste great there and everyone is usually eager to taste them.”


Naida (29), Economist: “When thinking about taking someone for ćevapi, my first choice would be Ćevabdžinica “Petica” because of their ambience, the service and the traditional way in which they serve their food, which makes the whole experience kind of special.”


It looks like most popular ćevapi amongst Sarajevans are those served in Baščaršija. The favorite seem to be Ćevabdžinica “Petica” followed closely by others such as “Mrkva”, “Željo” and “Zmaj”, the only one located outside of the old part of the city.


Wherever you decide to try this specialty, you are sure not to regret it!