Locals Recommend: Best Bosnian Coffee Places

Coffee holds a special place in the life of the city; it is drunk with pleasure or not at all. Traditional Bosnian coffee is the most popular and you must never call it “Turkish” because you will immediately get a lecture on the whole history of Bosnian coffee.


Preparation of Bosnian coffee starts with roasting the coffee beans and then grinding them. Then you boil the water, add coffee and boil again. It is served on a tray – a traditional copper tray with a small cup, sugar, glass of water and a piece of Turkish delight.


It is important to know that the first morning coffee “razgalica” is usually made a little stronger to motivate and wake you up. There is also “razgovorusa” – late morning coffee, and “šutkuša” – afternoon coffee. Coffee stimulates discussions and socializing, so we welcome our guests with “dočekuša”, and we end the day with “sikteruša” which is a polite way to end the evening.


We asked Sarajevans where they like to drink their coffee. This is what they said:


Goran (33), Economist: “ I often drink coffee in Slatko ćoše because of its quality. I like to drink it slowly, in small slurps to fully enjoy the aroma while chatting to friends.”


Maja (33), Lawyer: “Of course I drink coffee in Vienna Cafe. There, they serve it by the book – with lumps of sugar to dip in and place under your tongue to melt before sipping the coffee.”


Jasmina (52), Translator: “I like hand grind coffee anywhere in Čaršija. Those places are in the very center of the city so it’s always nice to have a break and they all serve Turkish delight with their coffee.”


Gorana (33), Lawyer: “I prefer my coffee at home although it is also good in cafes because everyone knows how to make Bosnian coffee. It is also important to know that Bosnian coffee without foam is simply not acceptable but you have to mix it with a spoon before pouring.”


Alema (51), Journalist:”I regularly drink coffee in Tunel on Baščaršija. With their relaxing atmosphere, good coffee and soft music, sometimes I spend several hours there.”


Naida (29), Economist: “A small café in the narrow streets surrounding the Bey Mosque – Miris Dunja is my favorite place for traditional Bosnian coffee. I often like to relax there, even if it is only a short break.”


With all these recommendations, you will easily find relaxing places where you can start your day and enjoy the “real” coffee.