Sarajevo Photographers: Almedin Handanović Gorštak

Almedin Handanović Gorštak was born in Sanski Most but lives and works in Sarajevo. Initially just a hobby, photography is now his full-time profession. In addition to Midhat Mujkić, Almedin is also contributing photographer on Visit Sarajevo social networks.


Almedin takes photographs of Sarajevo on a daily basis wanting to tell the story about the unique spirit of Sarajevo which touches everyone.


When asked how he manages to capture the spirit in a photograph, his answer is simple: “Photography is an art inspired by all the books we read, from fairytales to novels, all the films we’ve seen, from drama to comedy, all the music we listened to, from ballads to country and of course all those times we were in love, whether happy or not.”



“Sarajevo Photographers” is a series of texts about professional or amateur photographers who are telling stories about Sarajevo through their photographs.