Photography Exhibition by Milomir Kovačević – Strašni: Wartime Sarajevo in a Different Way

At the beginning of 1992, famous BiH photographer Milomir Kovačević-Strašni managed to record the tragedy of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina by producing images of life from within the besieged city. Unlike his colleagues who concentrated on death and chaos, Milomir showed life and resistance of Sarajevans during the most difficult times in our city.


The photographs are poetic, meaningful and full of symbolism, they belong to a different world and present Sarajevo the way it was – a city which resisted the chaos of war and refused to succumb.


This Sarajevo “Giant” will present his exhibition titled “Sarajevo” in the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, opening on 9 November 2017 at 15:30.


Milomir Kovačević, who was nicknamed Strašni (“the terrible”) by his friends, has been involved in photography since the age of 17. From the start, his opus was devoted to cultural events and life in the streets of Sarajevo.