Street Art Festival: Your city, your art!

Sarajevo Street Festival or FUU is a multimedia festival held from 7th to 9th July in several outdoor locations around the city. This year, the organizers are continuing their goal of creating an “art quarter” within Sarajevo. The chosen location is Radićeva Street where most of the FUU events will take place.


Friday 7th July

The program starts in the Great Park at 5:00pm with a performance by MAS string quartet. Also, try not to miss the performance by the mischievous clown and juggling street artist Arlekin from Macedonia at 6:00pm. From 7:00pm you can attend the exhibition of the artist Nina Komel in Radićeva Street while the final event of the first day of FUU starts in SARTR at 9:00pm – screening of documentaries dedicated to street art: “Moment of Happiness”, “Let’s be a City” and “FUU 2015”.


Saturday 8th July

The second day of FUU continues at 11:00am when the Art Market will be opened in the Great Park after the percussions concert and the recital “Poetry for Everyone” by Mirjana Đan. The program continues in the Great Park at 2:30pm with the dance performance “Dance above all – from thong to hip-hop”.


Since the Great Park is only few meters away from Radićeva Street, you will have time to visit many interesting events taking place there. So, between 1:00pm and 8:00pm in Radićeva Street you will find a presentation of tattoo works, creations of tattoo artist Ahmed Gabri, exhibition of the works of Maida Hodžić titled “Futurism”, as well as exhibition of photographs by Denis Štrba titled “Black and White World”. From 5:00pm you can chat to artist Nina Komel (Artists Talk program) and from 7:00pm artist Roman Kuduzović will present works from his exhibition titled “Scream Sarajevo”. The program in Radićeva Street finishes with the opening of the “Vinyl” exhibition and the screening of the documentary about street art from 8:00pm.


From 8:30pm we will be able to enjoy the surprise concert outside the Market featuring both Irhad Baručija and Hadžiosmanović brothers.


Sunday 9th July

The program starts at 10:00am in the Great Park and is dedicated to children. This program entails stage music, theatrical and gymnastics workshops, socializing with Arlekin and learning about circus and juggling skills.


At 4:00pm, Mirjana Đan will perform “Poetry for Everyone” in Marshall Tito Street.

The program then moves to Papagajka (“The Parrot” – a large multicolored residential building in the center). Incidentally, during the first two days of FUU artists Rikardo Druškić, Muhamed Baručija, Ljubomir Todorović and Ljiljana Galušić will paint murals on the large walls of Papagajka. The program starts at 6:00 pm with a concert and the exhibition titled “life without style (is impossible)”, followed by the performance of the monodrama “Pub as a Punishment” (orig. Kavana kao zločin) written by Aldin Tucić and “Sarajevo Sinfonietta” string quartet concert.

The FUU program closes on the third day with a performance by the Jazz Ensemble of Sarajevo Music Academy. The ensemble will be led by Sinan Alimanović and the concert will be held in Papagajka at 9:30pm.


You are all invited because this is your festival!