Mersad Berber Exhibition in the City Hall

The first posthumous retrospective exhibition of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian art giant Mersad Berber will be opened in specially customized halls of the Sarajevo City Hall on 6th July.

In addition to a number of important works symbolically named “Mersad Berber – Bosnian Allegory”, on this occasion the Berber family decided to include the painting titled “Medusa Raft” (orig. Splav meduza), which represents the so-called “Bosnian Guernica”, one of the most significant works of Mersad Berber.

Looking at the opus of what the citizens and the visitors of Sarajevo will be able to see between 6th July and 6th September, this is probably the most important cultural event this year.

Mersad Berber is a globally admired Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist, painter, graphics and tapestry designer. He was born in 1940 in Bosanski Petrovac and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1963, the class of Maksim Sedej. From 1978 to 1982, he was a part-time lecturer at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Drawing and Graphic Arts.

During his lifetime, he held over one hundred solo exhibitions and had participated in a number of group exhibitions. He has won over 50 awards and recognitions for his work. In 1981 the Tate Gallery purchased his works from the collection “Homage a Velazquez”.